Our Brand

We are united by water.
And today, we unite past and future — honoring where we’ve been as FINA and celebrating where we’re going as World Aquatics.
This is a moment in time that calls for a stroke of progress, and a new chapter in our story.
Yet while our brand, name and logo may be changing, the most important things — our values, our sense of community, our passion — remain.
Across five continents and our six disciplines of Swimming, Water Polo, Diving, Artistic Swimming, Open Water and High Diving, we have an opportunity to unite the world and invite new generations into our passions.
Our first call to action is effectively communicating our brand’s story, both verbally and visually.
These guidelines are a living document to help our entire organization do just that as we mark a new era of sportsmanship, unity and collaboration.

We are World Aquatics.